How do I order?

Submit an order request under the "Order" tab!

How do I secure my date?

When we have hammered out the details of your order, I will send you an invoice via Square. I require 50% down to secure your date and the balance before pickup. This deposit is non-refundable but is transferable if the date of your event changes. Your order is not confirmed unti you pay your deposit.

How far in advance do I need to order?

Custom cakes book roughly 1-2 weeks out. When you click on the "Order" tab, a window will pop up which will alert you to any dates that are currently not available.

Do you offer gluten free items?

Yes! However, I cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination, but I do my absolute best. There is no additional charge for gluten free items.

Do you deliver?

I am currently offering delivery as I am between spaces while the new Menonomee Falls location is being prepared! Please inquire.

For weddings and large events, always! Delivery for these events is part of the $100 service fee charged for weddings. If you are placing a large order for a non-wedding event (such as a bridal shower) or an afternoon tea catering order, please inquire individually about my availability for delivery. A service charge will apply.

Where are you located?

I am currently baking in Waukesha, WI and will provide the address upon ordering (back to being a home baker temporarily!). As soon as the new shop is finished, I will be in Menomonee Falls!

You aren't open on the day I need my cake. Can I still order?

Yes! Cake's will keep in the refrigerator (uncut) for up to three days. Cakesicles are good for up to a week in the fridge.

How do I transport a cake?

Cakes will come in a sturdy box. Always carry it from the bottom! For car travel, place the cake on the flat floor of your car. Do not transport the cake on the seat of your car.